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Extension of Tax Consultancy

The Office wishes to inform that, at the beginning of 2017, an information and help center of the income tax assistance organization Lohnsteuerberatungsverbund e.V. will supplement the Office’s efforts. In acting agreement with the Regional Tax Office Hessia, Dr. Björn Karst was appointed as respective manager.

To divide work between the Office and the help center organizationally, tax advisory for wage earners, retirees and pensioners will, forthwith, only be provided within the function of the tax assistance organization. Therefore, new clients will be accepted according to the terms of admission of Lohnsteuerberatungsverbund e.V. Regular clients, having a mandate with the Office before 2017, are free to share advantages by the aforementioned organization or remain clients of the Office.


Germany’s entrpreneurial scene remained optimistic in 2014 with 48 % of all new start-ups based their decision to start their business on chances rather than being motivated by financial distress (although 53 % in 2013).

However, with 20 % of all new start-ups reporting problems regarding their financial structures, ongoing regulation regarding new forms of financing and increasing economic global risks, some founders might be wise to get advice.

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Residence titles

German citizens enjoy free entry to many of the world’s beautiful countries to enjoy their holidays. However, when it comes to some countries of different travel purposes, these odds and other permits might be required.

On the other side, immigration practices of German authorities have become an issue of public interest. This also leads lawmakers to bring about increasing activity in the field where hot political debate and personal interests of thousands collide. As applications involve contact to numerous public officials and are of great significance for the applicant’s future, legal certainty should be created to the highest possible extent.

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Retirees abroad

The ranks of pensioners receiving benefits from Germany’s federal pension fund, while residing abroad, keep on growing. Over 1.7 million people (220,000 German citizens and approximately 1.5 million people of foreign nationality) received these payments in 2013. Their decision to live in a foreign country or to return home, often increases quality of living, marking the end of her journey to fulfill a lifelong dream.

We should, however, not forget that living in another jurisdiction it’s another layer of laws to the existing one, wide special regulations in both legal spheres apply. Straight fiscal records and well organized personal affairs regarding inheritance and other matters, preserve the joy of living abroad.

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Corporate successions

It is estimated that Germany is about to witness approximately 135,000 corporate successions between 2014 and 2018 regarding middle sized companies alone, affecting about 2 million employees. In many cases, not only questions of labor at inheritance law, but also in the corporate sphere, e.g. statutes and reorganizations, arise. These challenges have to be met against the background of optimizing future taxation.

Obviously, such a situation cannot be dealt with by corporate housekeeping alone (even though can be greatly supported by it) and require special care of your legal department and/or external advisors.

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Online advice

Online advice is a quick and fairly cheap way of obtaining legal advice today. KARST offers you this kind of service using the contact form on this website. Should you decide to opt for such advice, please list all parties involved, their legal relations, course of events and time of the respective actions.

Please read the guidelines on privacy protection carefully and note that only cases providing a clear state of facts and evidence, regarding which you have one or more specific questions, are suitable for such advice. Please also note that cases bound to a deadline by court or other authorities are generally not suitable for this form of counseling.

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